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              Open up new values and create the future together

              Company profile

              Jiangsu Boamax Technologies Group Co.,Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Boamax technology, stock code: 002514) was established in 2001 and is located in Jingjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Taizhou city. After 20 years of steady development, it has grown into a comprehensive industrial group focusing on intelligent manufacturing and new energy

              Business areas include: Investment and operation of heavy truck power exchange, energy storage, comprehensive energy, power grid flexibility peak shaving projects
              R & D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent equipment such as rubber cutting robot, agricultural insurance UAV and wet process equipment
              R & D, manufacturing and sales of various precision sheet metal structural parts, air detection equipment and water treatment equipment

              It has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Nanjing, Suzhou, Jingjiang, Bengbu, Xiamen and the Philippines, and has investment and operation projects in Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.
              • 200000square meters

                Production workshop
              • 40ten thousand people

                Number of users
              • 2000people

                Number of employees

              Office scene


              Factory interior

              Process measurement

              The development course


              Boamax technology was established


              Restructured into a joint stock company


              Investment and establishment of Philippines subsidiary


              Investment in Xiamen subsidiary


              Listing on Shenzhen small and medium-sized board


              Investment in acquisition of Nanjing Youzhi Technology

              Investment and establishment of equipment business department


              Establish three business segments of sheet metal, equipment and operation


              Change of actual controller

              New management team joined

              Honorary certificate

              •  National high-tech enterprise
              •  Suzhou enterprise technology center, Nanjing, Jiangsu
              •   Jiangsu Province crystalline silicon battery automation equipment Engineering Technology Research Center
              •  Jiangsu three star cloud enterprise
              •  Graduate workstation · postdoctoral workstation
              •  Nanjing Environmental Monitoring Engineering Technology Research Center (Nanjing Youzhi)
              •  Aerodynamic Experimental Research Center (Nanjing Youzhi)
              •  Xiamen science and technology research and Development Institute (Xiamen baomax)

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