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              Profession creates value and cooperation creates the future

              Wet process equipment

              Research, develop and manufacture solar crystalline silicon cell wet process equipment, glass panel wet process equipment, printed circuit board wet process equipment and supporting intelligent equipment.

              Intelligent device

              Agricultural intelligent equipment: jointly develop agricultural intelligent equipment with Haijiao group and Hainan Innovation Research Institute of Harbin Institute of technology, and jointly develop automatic car washing machine with partners.

              Key customers

              main products

              Wet crystalline silicon battery equipment in photovoltaic industry                  Semiconductor &amp; LED &amp; glass cleaning equipment
              Chain etcher 5 / 8 / 10
              G8.6 cleaning machine before color film coating
              Chain track machine / 8 tracks
              G8.6 wet cleaning machine before film formation
              Chain washer 5 / 8 / 10
              G8.6 array pre coating cleaning machine
              Grooved single crystal cashmere machine
              G10.5 PI RW film remover
              Trough type alkali polishing machine

              G10.5 CF RW etcher

              Trough cleaning machine
              And its supporting automation equipment
              Trough type heterojunction pile cleaning machine

              Wet silicon production equipment
              PCB &amp; FPC wet process equipment
              Auxiliary equipment for wet process in photovoltaic industry
              Minus copper wire, des wire, SES wire, shadow wire

              Automatic / manual graphite boat cleaning machine

              Manual fume hood, nitrogen cabinet, tail gas purification device of epitaxial furnace, double barrel liquid supply cabinet
              Manual quartz tube (boat) cleaning machine

              Rework sheet cleaning machine

              Customized electrical control cabinet
              Roller cleaning machine

              Copper plating equipment


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